ehbo01 1200 x 450

developed by EAT ART collective
first version @ Duizel in het Park, Rotterdam

The brothers and sisters of the EHBO! (or Food Aid) are operating with surgical precision on the gap between fast food and healthy food. Without delay they rush down the festival area to transform your floppy burger or lukewarm french fries into a gastromedical experience. They have experience with severe cases of bread fracture, tarts with anemia and cosmetic surgery like our much befamed sausage implants.

The EHBO! consists of a fully equipped mobile team of surgery table, tools and first aid chefs. The team walks around to prevent possible food illnesses. Our short operational procedures are based on homebaked EAT ART collective-food theories and supported by modern technology.  After the diagnose has been made and the owner of the client has agreed, we directly execute the necessary procedures in appliance with the hygienic standards.

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photos by Marco de Swart

Written by eatartcollective