We hebben allemaal een andere mening over kunst en eten. Als die samenkomen, dan wordt het gesprek interessant. Wij moedigen onszelf en anderen aan om de wereld te ontdekken door een mix van kunst, eten, technologie en mensen. Wij zijn EAT ART collective, een collectief van multidisciplinaire alleskunners die gefascineerd zijn door de wereld rondom eten.

EAT ART collective is an openhearted collective of makers with a specific interest in food. We find food to be an artistic material like copper, clay or pain. Yet it offers so much more in terms of the perception by people. What is Good? What is Normal? What is Health? What beholds the Future? We challenge and investigate these concepts in various forms, from performance and installation to buffets and interactive movie nights. We offer projects, workshops and caterings on demand as well as self-initiated ones.
Our food philosophy differs from project to project. We always search for sustainability and good taste. This can be locally produced, dumpster dived, vegan, home grown, low energy, stolen from the rich and given to the poor, made up out of thin air or anything else.

We work as a small collective with open borders , so we welcome enthusiastic and open-minded researchers, cooks and artists from various backgrounds. Some of the Kompanen have been with us over the years, while others join on project base. We are glad to be surrounded by local growers, scientists, permaculture gardeners, artists, designers, theater makers and even a few chefs. Feel free to contact us for specific requests or collaborations, internships and participation.

Ronald van Rikxoort (1970) has a background in project management and purchasing. For years Ronald is an enthusiastic member and important critical voice within the collective. He also designs hospitality concepts and interiors.

Esther van Leeuwe (1983) walked out of office and re-invented herself as a home-chef for special occasions with Restaurant aan Huis. She likes to surprise formal environments with dinner and drinks that embrace innovation.

Esther +31 (0) 624441912

Lukas Taks (1988) has a background in social sustainability and climate adaptation, and a special interest in story telling. He focuses on EAT ART projects that border with these topics; a.o. Future Food Maze, Future Market & Powder to the People.

Lukas +31 (0) 633760700

Odrada Burghoorn (1966) is a designer/artist centipede. She brings a truckload of experience in production and backdrops as well as an insatiable hunger for new vegan recipes.

Odrada +31 (0) 624700326

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