first version @ PROEVEN# 2, Rotterdam

The Cook-Along is a cinematic cooking workshop where getting to know each other, collaboration, culture and food take the spotlight. The challenge is to watch a movie and make dumplings at the same time, as a team. Niu Pi Er (or Oxhide II) is a realtime film that shows the director and her parents while making dumpling in their tiny apartment. All participants of the workshop will perform their part as one of the characters in the movie, while cooking along real time. We start with nothing and end up with a traditional Chinese spring dinner and a great introduction to your new family.

A slightly chaotic, yet very amusing setup, that has everybody participate and engaging with others. The “simultaneous” part is often underestimated at the start, but never fatal. Each team will somehow manage to make an edible version of dumplings while discussing Chinese politics.

Curious? Feel free to ask for more information or a quotation.