developed for Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam
first version @ Wereld van de Witte de With

A dinner like a theaterpiece. The main request by the art gallery was a dinner to distinguish the artists that are to be the nouveau hip in Rotterdam from the “normal” people. This question resulted in two seperate dinners that merged into one, where the communication between the two was tightly directed.

Two long rows of tables were situated at either side of the windows. Inside, invitees would sit down and get a dinner for all the senses. Outside, random visitors could take a place at the tables and look at the people inside. Communication was facilitated in some ways in allowed in any. A newsreporter would broadcast continuing comments to the outside, a mobile spotlight would show where to look and theater signs like ‘applaud!’ would show how to react. Special VIP tours were organised for the lucky few to touch the invitees. The abnormality of eating with your eye or your ear created a visual treat for those without food. On top, most of the dishes subtly suggested to the invitees to share with the outside visitors. In the run of the evening, the in-crowd and the out-crowd learned how to partially break the glass wall between them in order for everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

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with Roel Heeremans as reporter.