We are on a quest for a sustainable food industry. Powder on Screen offers a place to discuss and define what that could mean.
Powder on Screen is a public program organised by EAT ART collective at varying locations. Each individual event has a special theme and shows excerpts of various films and documentaries that will be openly discussed with a knowledgeable Q&A guest.

The main objectives of this series:
– to question the current food industry and, maybe even more so, our opinion about it
– to imagine a sustainable food future for ourselves and the food industry
– to openly discuss our prejudices and look for solutions.

You are more than welcome to ponder the wide variety of topics and join the group discussion! So please bring your unanswerable questions for the Q&A next time, to see if they can be replaced by unquestionable answers.

Past editions:
#1: Soylent Green @ W_lf@rt Projectspace
#2: E-numbers: an Edible Adventure, part 1 + Jingyan Zhang @ Blue City Labs
#3: E-numbers: an Edible Adventure, part 2 + Weronika Rybarczyk @ Blue City Labs
#4: E-numbers: an Edible Adventure, part 3 + Matthijs Diederiks @ W_lf@rt Projectspace
#5: 1001 Grams + ginger coons @ Student Hotel Rotterdam

Best of Powder on Screen /w Aylin Tan @ Studio X, Istanbul

#6: Big Industries vs Small Makers + Leendert Wesdorp @ Erasmus Sustainability Hub
#7: Truth is Fiction + Petra Verhoef @ Venture Café Rotterdam

Coming up:
#8: t.b.a. – July 2019
#9: t.b.a. – August 2019

Curious? Feel free to ask for more information or a quotation.