first version @ Nacht van de Kunst & Wetenschap, Groningen
second version o.a. @ Foodtopia Festival, Amsterdam
third version @ Spier Secret Festival, South Africa
fourth version @ Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
2023: Algaebar | Museon Omniversum (

Alga’s Bar is an interactive installation where the visitor is hooked onto the lifecycle of algae. A fish tank with algae lights up the whole room and is thus a beacon for future foods.

Alga’s Bar is a short circuit of the food chain as an homage to the humble beginning of it. Laying down under our specimen-table whilst listening to an essay on aquatic life, a breathing exercise or the sound of a bubbling cooperation, visitors donate their time and breath to the algae above them. Human breath contains heat and carbondioxide, valuable resources for young algae. In return, the algae nourish the visitors in the shape of a fresh alga shot, smoothie or cocktail when donations have reached a satisfactory level.

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Photos 4,5&10 by Retha Ferguson