first version: Technisch Diner, Theater de Veste, 2019

A theatrical evening program where we follow the implications of technological food innovations and discover the underlying threads. We start as a tribe in the distant past, make huge technological leaps into the present and slide forward into the disputable prospects of the near future.
The Time Travel Dinner is a tasty, interactive experience where a dramatic narrative combines with practical activities for all the guests to experience the results of our ingenuity. Who will bake the bread for their temporary tribe? We have shaped technology and in return technology shaped us. It facilitated the change from hunters and gatherers to agriculture and husbandry. Grains started urbanization. Exploring the seas created a need for nutritional sciences. Mechanization seems to realize the dreams of pass time activities.
But the participants of a Time Travel Dinner don’t just participate in the technologification of our food system. They are also provoked to discuss the moral and practical issues that come along with it in a playful way. Why did we decide to introduce supermarkets anyway? This adventurous path will take participants past scarcity, wealth, trust, safety, alienation and – unavoidable – the future. Or not?

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