first version: Future Proof Market, Delft, 2017

If we ever want to have a 100% sustainable, healthy AND tasty food chain, then we will need to radically change the way we feed ourselves. Switching to organic tomatoes is not enough. We need to change the food system, in many ways, to find a low impact diet. Think of alternative plant-based proteins like spirulina, perennial crops like those in agroforestry en maltbeer from circulair bakeries. But how to choose your battles? Which future is made for you?

The Future Food Amaze maps out the complexity and diversity of possible futures for you to explore. Broken down into simple questions at every junction, participants navigate through the options of the future until they arrive at one of the 30 final food scenarios. If they are lucky, their future includes food. Otherwise they starve to death. As an example: rising sea levels and a shortage of cattle could lead to a taste of carrots grown on brackish grounds. The scenarios include realistic techno-optimism, Malthusian pessimism, dystopias and pure horror, accompanied with surprising flavours from our Tastelab.

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