developed by EAT ART collective
first version @ Botanical Garden, Utrecht

Yes, You Cannit! (or Insmaken voor Beginners) is a workshop that stimulates creativity in working with abundance. Often all vegetables of 1 species are ripe at the same moment. One moment you have to eat all your cucumbers, the next you can only eat raspberry and finally you live off tons of apples. The traditional way to deal with this is canning it by various conservation methods. In the past, some recipes have become more popular that others, so now elderflower is always turned into syrup, cucumbers into pickles and mango into chutney. For the YesYouCannit workshops we developed a creative tool to stimulate the participants’ own creativity and selfconfindence in trying out new things.

how does it work?
It is a day long workshop that works best if the event location has an overproduce of edible things at that moment and the guests bring their own jars. Anything edible! Think also Brussel sprout leaves or magnolia flowers. We supply a handout with the summaries of common preservation methods and our creative tool. Visitors can come up with suggestions and google them to check if there are any good tips & tricks on their recipe of choice. We bring the necessary cooking and canning equipment and we start cooking all together. During the day we can taste various results and exchange jars at the end of it so every goes home with a souvenir and a story to tell.