first version @ Food Inspiration, Veghel, 2018

The Green Wash Café demonstrates possibilities for the food transition. At the same time, it questions your expectations about that with a green tongue in cheek. After all, a healthy and future-proof lifestyle goes beyond the choice of one healthy supplement.

In the Future we will all feed on micro algae. Algae growing on office facades, in flooded polders or at your home in the windowsill. In the Future we will all live long and healthy lives in amazing bodies and no one ever feels sick, fat or miserable. That Future started long ago, when single-celled organisms produced oxygen and thereby fitted the atmosphere to sustain animals and even humans.

The Green Wash Café recreates the circle of life on 6m2. Guests stimulate the growth of alga with their breath. In return, the alga are harvested to enrich a collection of vegan snacks that feed the guests. Now that we have rediscovered micro alga as a future-proof source of nutrition, we don’t need to worry about the food chain any more. We can add algae to our diet to solve our health issues. Or would it take something more?

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