developed for Booijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
first version @ Museumnacht

In order to understand art, more people should be forced to play with their food. Our MondriaanTeefjes (Mondrian Toasts) are an invitation that is too obvious to resist. Our Mondriaan Toast-irons make a joyful event out of a classic snack. By re-using stale bread, some eggs & milk in the irons you can create a wonderful French toast in the shape of famous Mondriaan paintings. These double-sided waffles can be painted by the visitors themselves (though they are best eaten warm…).
Each visitor receives his waffle on a plate with a brush and four small cups of edible paint. These tasty paints are made with natural pigments and comes in creamy red, chocolate yellow, indigopone, lemon white and balsamico black. Samples of the actual paintings can accompany the waffle-irons, but it’s more fun to invent your own.

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