first version @ Duizel in het Park, Rotterdam

Curious where the red thing in the blue styrofoam packet comes from? What does food look like before it becomes a foodstuuf? Or do you simply consider it important to make your dinner from scratch? Together with the EAT ART collective you go through this intensive workshop to start at the very beginning and end up with a great lunch or dinner.

Take some freshly shot goose, unplucked chicken, scaly fish, a fistful of crayfish, unhulled bean and veggies with the mud still on ‘em. Bring up to 60 friends and create a surprising meal in about 4 hours. It will include a lot feathers, beaks and other curiositeis, but in return it offers many insights in the origin and processing of the lifeforms we call ingredients.

One of the few concepts which are lot more challenging if they are not vegetarian/vegan, though veggies are included. It is also possible to cherrypick elements from the dinner like the how-to-fillet-a-goose-basic we did at Fabrikaat foundation in Nijmenen. Curious? Feel free to ask for more information or a quotation.

Photos by Marco de Swart