first verion @ Natuurgoed Ziedewij, 2018 with a.o. culinary force from Marly Bonten

A food forest is full of challenges. The vegetation changes throughout the year and the harvest varies. The forest will take multiple decades to come of age and include many types and amounts of trees, plants and bushes in that period.

Each food forest is a discovery trip into edibility, nutritional value and economics. What will grow best in this specific area? What crops are easily harvested? How to create great recipes with them? Starting a food forest means a lot of experiments. We see many challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed to come to a productive and versatile food landscape.

The landscape dinners explore the edges of a young food forest. The dinner guests travel through the landscape, guided by stories and fire. There will be preserved flavors from last years’ winter, a decanting of spring and a touch of summer on their lips. Preparations for the landscape dinners take all year to project an edible vision of the future.

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