developed by EAT ART collective
first version @ South Explorer, Rotterdam

#HELLOYOUTUBE is a mobile miniature recording studio for making an instructional YouTube-videos. Or, one specific instructional YouTube-video. Over and over again. Like in a game of Chinese whispers, visitors pass on the message of how to make dumplings. 

Like Alvin Luciers’ famous piece, ‘I Am Sittin In A Room’, where he records the sound of a speech in a room, re-records the first recording and continues till the whole thing is one big blob of reverb and noise.

We feel YouTube as the online video platforms with the lowest threshold, works like this. People see cool videos and without adding any substantial value, copy the first video and re-enact it, simply to make one of their own. That gets copied again, etc. What happens to the information in this process and what does it add? To find out, we run the dumplingsbus as a continuous experiment with an occasional reset-button, where the level of the outcome tends to go through a sinewave around the lower limit of common knowledge.

how does it work?
Visitors enter the bus at the back where they find two seats in a small recording studio with a screen. When the instruction video starts, they are asked to listen to the instructions, execute them and repeat them at the same time. This means while they might make their first dumplings ever, they will also make the instruction video for the next group. The video is compressed in a professional cooking style, with each period of waiting eliminated by using the physical results of the previous group. As the visitors have little or no time ro reflect on what they say or do, they result gradually turns as dumb as many a YouTube video.

Inform yourself about the possibilities and/or book us through; info@eatartcollective.nl.