first version @ World Food Day, Den Bosch, 2018 i.c.w. de Voedselzaak (Volkskrant)

The Futuremarket is an interactive infographic in the form of a mock-up supermarket isle. It “sells” everything you might need for a lunch in 2050. The product range is based on news articles and opinion pieces featured in “de Voedselzaak”, a detailed future food analysis by the Volkskrant. According to the Voedselzaak, there are two important developments in the next 30 years. A population growth from 7.4 billion in 2018 to 9.8 billion in 2050 and global effects of climate change on available agricultural soil and waters. These will have their immediate consequences for the food on our plates and in our shopping baskets. We elaborated on the facts en fictions in the articles to find discutable lunch items. It features items that might be available as food in 2050; from labgrown whale sushi to soylent freakshake.

These amazing and sometimes familiar, yet hyper-technological foodstuffs come with a price. Even a meat-replacing-steak from soy and palm oil needs to be grown somewhere. This often happens out of sight in a country far far away, extracting value from local soil, water, environment and people. The Futuremarket accounts for all impacts during the whole life cycle of a lunch item at the checkout. “True pricing” means you pay what is necessary to mitigate the negative impacts of your purchase. Take your favourite lunch items from the shelves and find out the true price at the check-out. Could you afford your own lunch or should you try again?

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