first version @ Djeema el-Fna, Rotterdam, 2015
later versions @ a.o. Future Academy, The Hague & Radboud MC, Nijmegen

Put Your Mouth Where Your Mind Is! We invite you to rediscover your relationship to food an re-think the topics that food touches. What is taste and how do we understand it? We take you through an interactive workshop, dinner or even meditative session to answer this question. The voyage will pass various flavours, textures, aromas and ways of tasting. The tastebuds are challenged and there IS accounting for taste.

In general this is a serious, yet entertaining session with much to talk about afterwards. Various experiments from the #PROEVEN and the Tastelabs are connected through a thoughtful narrative. We might start with the surprising Flavour of Water and continue to all other basic tastes. Put Your Mouth Where Your Mind Is can be a structured like a straightforward food meditation with small bites or include a full meal.

Curious? Feel free to ask for more information or a quotation..