first version @ 4th Istanbul Design Biennia
next @ atelier LUMA (France) 1-30 May 2019
next @ Z33 House for contemporary art on 30 June-1 September 2019

Can going completely organic cope with the world’s current and future food needs, or do we need a little additive help? With many industrial food additives only purchasable in bulk quantities and only known in abstract E-numbers, not to mention our cultural prejudices, we are reluctant to entertain the idea. Powder to the People is a long-term design research project exploring natural and industrial food additives through installations, performances, workshops, cultural research and sample distribution. By distributing samples through the People’s Dispensary, the projects intends to spark a citizen-science movement that, like in other open-technology and science movements, expands a previously proprietary realm of knowledge to widespread experimentation.

Whether you are an innovative home chef or a cautious consumer, this shop is happy to provide you in all your needs. Find all your favourite food additives here. Colour coded, neatly packaged and fitting to your personal food philosophy!

And why wouldn’t you want to? There is more to life then global profit margins. You need not confine to the mysterious and uniform products the industry wants to sell you. Centuries of food innovation ought to be at your fingertips to create the diet you desire; a diet that fits your social, nutritional, environmental and spiritual needs. We can start industrial food democratization right here, in the People’s Dispensary. Put on your apron, take up a jar of citric acid and start shaping the future with new traditions.

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