The “PROEVEN” are a series of interactive evenings where we investigate everyday food phenomena. “PROEVEN” means tasting as well as testing, which are both perfect investigation tools when working with foodstuff.

In 2018 we investigated the potentials of typical non-domestic food additives in the domestic kitchen with us. Each evening we focussed on a range of functional additives or deconstruct well-known processed products into their industrial components. We see it as a playground for hands-on-experience with food additives, where we learn as much from bumping our head as we do from online information and research partners.These evenings are a vital part of our ongoing research Powder to the People.

You can participate in new experiments with unknown foodstuff and live action and become part of our research team for the night. We collect all the necessary equipment and knowledge to try things out with you, but we DON’t test results beforehand. That’s the risk and the freedom we build into our PROEVEN. Come to watch, learn, discuss and get down and dirty. Experimental as it will be, the workshop will include some small bites to keep you satisfied.

Curious? Feel free to ask for more information or a quotation.

Header by Mediamatic, other photos by Anouk Bouten.