A talk by the EAT ART collective that appeals to all your senses. The subject matter is based on the expanding knowledge built up in the Powder to the People project and discusses a range of varied perspectives on food additives and other substances, trends and processes in the food industry. The talk actively stimulates an open attitude in re-thinking and re-shaping the food industry in a sustainable manner.

Previous topics:
– Sweeteners at Mediamatic, Amsterdam
– Public Engagement & Citizen Science, at WORM, Rotterdam
– Food Philosophy & Additives, at ITU, Istanbul
– Sweeteners & Public Engagement, at Studio-X, Istanbul
– Truth and Fiction in Food Additives, at Food Friction, Arnhem
– Transparent Labelling, at VMT Food Future Event, Nieuwegein

Food additives have been part of humanity since 4000 B.C. They facilitated manipulation of food in our favour. In fact, we once believed that the most processed foods were the most natural. White flour, refined sugar and pure fat were divine foods that brought us closer to paradise. Eating of raw vegetables like animals would make us animals as well. How times change.

Sugar has been power, hope, and fuel for hundreds of years, only to become the devil after the 1950’s. Obesity and diabetes replaced hunger as the worst problems for developed countries. Same stuff, different times.

Maybe it has never been about the substance, it is about what you do with it. 2020. A new decade with new tools. Where do you want to go? Let’s talk. Feel free to ask for more information or a quotation.